Ideas for planning a Kitchen Renovation

planning a kitchen renovationA kitchen is something more than just applying a stunning back splash and placing eye-catching cabinets. Blend these thoughtful ideas while planning a kitchen renovation to make your kitchen both functional and easy to work in.

Concentrate on effectively managing space

Managing space in your cooking area is quite a daunting task. First, think about how frequently you will be using the kitchen items. It’s always good to store your breakfast plates, spoons and bowls adjacent to your breakfast table. Keep the containers ready near your work surface so that you can properly store the spices and other food items.

Plan Wide pathways

The width of the pathways throughout your cooking area must be minimum 36 inches so that you can move freely. While planning a kitchen renovation, ensure that you have adjusted kitchen islands as well as peninsulas consequently. These will add additional work surface and provide an ideal serving area for large gatherings.

Right height for your microwave

The most suitable height for a microwave oven will depend on the chef himself. The degree of kid-friendliness is also important to be considered while planning a kitchen remodeling. If you are designing it for adults’ use, 15 inches from the counter-top level is an ideal height for the microwave. And for a kid’s friendly kitchen, it’s advisable to arrange such a microwave setup that is below the level of your kitchen counter-top. Not only the microwave, but the favourite snacks and lip-smacking dishes of your kids should also be kept in the drawers so that they can reach easily whenever they are in need of it.

Make proper use of the corners

The doors of your kitchen cabinet should be completely functional. Leave an adequate space for the door’s clearance in your kitchen design. Make sure that you are keeping the kitchen appliances at a safe distance from the corners, and the doors will not bang if you open them simultaneously.

Choose an interesting colour scheme

A light colour scheme is always preferable for your kitchen. People tend to choose the dark colour schemes. But actually, these dark colours shrink the small kitchen space more and make it look unattractive. So, choose the soft colour shades for the kitchen cabinets and allow natural light to expand your small cooking area visually.

Also, while taking up a kitchen remodelling project, try to focus on the modern interior. Forget the huge and weighty blocks of drawers and doors. Stick to the glass doors, wine storage shelves or display shelving to add a new flow in the design of your cooking area.

Don’t forget the kitchen counter-tops

The kitchen countertops are one of the most valuable commodities to make your renovation project successful. It’s more important for those who love to cook or do it on a regular basis. They will need some more counter space, especially, between the range and sink. For frequent or occasional baking, it’s good to incorporate two counter-top heights so that your kids can also take part in meal preparation.

Have an easy recycling option

Prepare a kitchen cabinet for excess or less used plastic containers, glass, and metal pieces. Leave a spare drawer for holding old newspapers too.

Plan smart storage

Leave the age-old idea of storing your kitchen items on the counter-top or in the work space. Use shelves and hooks instead to put your cutlery sets. The knife blocks are the ultimate space suckers. Bring in a mounted rack for your knives to keep the tools within your reach. Include the forgotten areas of your cooking area to make it more spacious and squeak out some new storage place.

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